Daily Concepts

Emilio Smeke

I can say that my business has a turning point: Before BIMA and After BIMA.


Before BIMA

I had an idea of what to do with my international sales. However, my efforts and intentions were good, but my knowledge and approach was not. This lead to a trial and error experience that was more of an expense than an understanding of what I was doing for my company.

After BIMA

My whole perspective and approach to international beauty markets changed. I had a better understanding of where was I going, what was I doing and most importantly WHY? I applied these principles to my company’s brand and the market I was trying to reach.

I have been able to land four International markets that I did not have before and a European Distributor with whom I have signed a $200,000 2-year agreement. I now know where I am going and how to do it. My WHY is being translated into my market approach (as well as to legal, financial and marketing functions) and I am running my business based on sound advice--not just with intuition.

I owe this to BIMA and would totally recommend the program!

Lather Bath & Skin

Jennifer Schweitzer

The BIMA program provided an excellent foundation on the requirements, challenges and opportunities one is faced with, when selling U.S. made cosmetics in foreign markets.  In addition to the knowledge gained in the sessions, I now have access to a pool of people I can turn to when I have questions about country specific regulations, tariffs, legal matters, etc.   Additionally, the group sessions involved a great deal of discussion and collaboration with the other attendees, resulting in new relationships and business partnerships.