Level 2: International Brand Development


It is easier than ever before for international buyers to find and reach out to American brands. The demand for American-made products has never been greater in global markets as the movie industry promotes the American lifestyle worldwide, while American-made has become synonymous with safety, quality and innovation. For many American health and beauty brands, navigating the process to expand into international markets has been a daunting task, often resulting in spending far more resources with little or no return.  

The Level II program provides a pathway to develop company intelligence to effectively market products beyond the US borders, navigate registration requirements outside of the US, scale the operations for growth, recruit and manage international distribution, select markets and qualify distributors, and much more.  

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Who should attend?

  • Brands with sales over $2M with the resources to invest into international expansion.  
  • Principals and key decision making staff.  
  • Companies that have passed Level I program*

Day One Topics

  • Brand building beyond your borders
  • Export Compliance
  • Scaling operations for international
  • Intellectual Property: International
  • Recruitment efforts for distribution
  • Market Entry Stategies

Day Two Topics

  • Getting Paid
  • Financing Orders
  • Assessing when to go international
  • Qualifying international opportunities
  • Selecting New Markets
  • Making your message resonate locally
  • Digital Strategies: International
  • Trade Mission
  • Government Resources
*Please note: Brand Development Level 1 is not prerequisite for Level 2, however a pre-interview with a course facilitator is required.