Foresight Forum


Can we predict the future?

As much as we would like to be able to travel through time to predict the future, are you prepared for what it holds?  The goal of the first beauty and wellness industry foresight forum will be to access the best minds in the industry and understand the signals evident today, that will indicate opportunity in the future.

Together we will develop a foresight mindset – a mindset where we are open to new possibilities and can give ourselves permission to run toward the daunting questions and big opportunities that seem just beyond today and understand them ahead of time.

Become part of the first foersight thinking forum for the beauty and wellness industry.  Be part of a industry think tank to share understanding, insight and tools to engage your team from the youngest to the oldest in a conversation and strategies that will set you apart from your competitors and allow the industry to access the greatest opportunity for reaching consumers in the last 50 years.