Level 1: Domestic Brand Development


Consumer demand for innovation, emerging and niche brands is at an all-time high. The Beauty Industry Market Access (BIMA) program is an executive-level management program designed to support small to medium-sized health and beauty manufacturers and brand owners.  The program will help business owners develop strategies, acquire resources and effectively partner with domestic distribution for long term success. This two-day course is taught by leading health and beauty industry experts and will focus on key principles required to build a successful brand. 

Participants will receive information on all the facets required to develop a viable brand from product development, setting prices, finding manufacturing and packaging resources, building equity in the company with legal protections, navigating labeling, technical and regulatory compliance, building the business to scale. 

Who should attend?

  • Brands with sales under $3M.
  • People thinking about build a health or beauty brand.
  • Principals and key decision making staff. 

Day One Topics:

  • Brand building 102
  • Building brand equity through legal protection
  • Labeling, claims and regulatory compliance
  • Sales models and effective partnering tools

Day Two Topics:

  • Product development
  • Manufacturing and packaging resources
  • 3rd party certifications
  • Pricing
  • Digital marketing
  • Operations